1. these images are from toy fair 2012 (source , source).

    NOW assuming these are not original toy designs not to be used in the show, as they look to quality and prop-y to not be, and the fact that the trans temporal sonic screwdriver apparently interacts with the personal tardis, one could assume these have to do with the next season / seasons of doctor who.

    now, I for one am a hopeful little nerd, and the tech on these looks an awful lot like the 8th doctor’s tardis (wood, brass. and in some images the time roter on the personal tardis is a similer shade of blue to the 8th doctor’s.). and that screwdriver looks awfully familiar, wonder where I’ve seen something like it before…


    now it’s just a theory, with the bias of Paul Mcgann being my doctor.

    assuming it’s not our doctor (also taken with a grain of salt, as in my adventures I’ve only seen up to the 2nd Patrick Troughton story encounting) who else could / would build these things?

    in no particular order, I believe:

    • Romana (assumed stuck in time lock or dead, and did build a sonic screwdriver in the past.)
    • Susan (time lord DNA is valuable. good thing she’s not suck without a tardis…wait…)
    • the master (stuck in time lock. is he smart enough to get out? and he certainly isn’t shy about guns.)
    • The Meddling Monk (because why not?)
    • River (assuming the gun is the same character, it vary well could be river)

    I might be wrong on some facts, and feel free to correct.

    whatever happens, I’m sure it will be awesome.

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