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  4. Let’s give Emma Stone a warm willkommen to Broadway. The 25-year-old actress will make her Broadway debut — finally — in just under a month, stepping into the silky stockings of club singer Sally Bowles in the hit Broadway revival of Cabaret. Stone replaces Michelle Williams, who departs on Nov. 9, and will take over from Nov. 11 through Feb. 1, 2015. (x)

    I just want her to play Gwen Stacy: Spider-Woman.

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    Andrew Wakefield, the doctor who claimed there was a link between autism and vaccines, changed the data of his research and falsified his documents to prove his theory. He was banned from practicing medicine and labeled an “elaborate fraud” in 2010. Source

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    SIR KEN ROBINSON: Full body education

    I’m fairly certain I’ve never seen one of these comics that didn’t make me cry. 

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  9. "You see me now a veteran of a thousand skeleton wars"
    — Blue Oyster Cult
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    I needed this in my life. Bless this post!


    after coating the thread, place it in between muslin and iron quickly. That way the wax will bind to the thread, strengthen it, and not get all sticky while sewing.

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